Recently, I submitted my work to another group show so we will see what they say.  Here is another painting that features swimming. As soon as I get time I will start the next painting in this series.

Me in a swim cap

The joy of swimming

This is my new page on instagram. Maybe I should only focus on art rather than instagramming everything? Oh well.


Hey there! I just got accepted into a recent art show entitle “Red Colors, Ribbons, & Love Art Show” and it’s in Gilbert at Sun Dust Gallery.

Cups Still Life by Rachel Goede

Cups- A Valentines Day Painting


And even though I submitted this painting aboutof a purple bra, there are a lot of paintings that I have done that fit in the Valentine’s Day theme. Like this painting called “Happy Valentine’s Day”:

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Self Portrait

I decided to paint Happy Valentine’s Day when I wanted to do a silly painting full of pinks, reds and oranges. I think I kept that red heart shaped box for a long time. It was finally going to be used as a still life object.

Happy early Valentine’s Day,

me in a swim cap

me in a swim cap

It’s almost mid January and I am still spending time in my studio so I am very happy that I am not so busy that I shut myself out of it. The PF Chang’s marathon is coming up, but so is tapering for it. Since I will be running less, maybe I can finish this painting soon and start on the next one in the series.

supplies in my Tempe studio

supplies in my Tempe studio

clutter in studio

cluttered desk

Painting painting painting. It brings balance to my life. It is a way for me to express myself, relax, be alone, focus on my imagination, work out problems and wallow in color.

swim happiness

swim happiness

Maybe I can get my whole series done by 2015? Happy new year!

St. Nicholas was a Greek man who lived around the year 300 AD. He was known for secret gift giving, bringing murder victims back from the dead, multiplying wheat, and was eventually confused a bit with the Dutch Legend “Sinterklaas.”

St. Nicholas of Myra

This St. Nicholas of Myra helped the poor, multiplied wheat, and much more.

He is the patron saint of many things, but particularly mariners and has also been depicted as sort of a Christianized Poseidon. So, this is the question: Who would you rather have come down your chimney? Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas of Myra? Saint Nicholas of Myra FTW.  We could use more miracles and kindness, not junkie toys.

When I find time I try to work on this painting. The other day I was very sure I was going to work on the dark values, but totally decided to work on something else instead. Someone told me about a month ago that I should just go for it. I should just be an artist as much as I can, that I once was a professional dancer and I should let my brother inspire my art. Her name was Rebecca Fearing.

smiling swimmer

pink swim cap and smiling

This is a lot for me to think about. And by the way, Happy Christmas eve.

This is the beginning of a new series of self portraits. They are about swimming and how fun it is. The health benefits of this sport have been compared to something like the fountain of youth. A little more than a year ago, I started swimming with Sun Devil Masters, in Tempe AZ.

series about swimming

new swimming series

Remembering how to swim again, as an adult, has been difficult at times, but fun as well. The hardest parts are holding your breath, starts, and swimming butterfly. Enjoy.

Pain Relief. We need a lot of it.

Combining citrus fruit and bison together

Combining citrus fruit and bison together

While listening to a podcast of Rebecca Fearing, I learned that both bison and citrus were good at relieving pain. Was that why I was painting Lemon Bison?  I was just sitting there one day and the idea came to me about painting lemons and bison together, like they were floating in a soup. It would be beautiful because they were not apparently related, but when life gives you lemons, its time to make lemonade.

I’m not going to air my dirty laundry on this blog, but I have been soul searching. Who knows, maybe I ALWAYS soul search. This was a painting about soul searching then. About inner pain that I want to alleviate.


Sweatshirt Portrait

sketchbook self portrait of me in a sweatshirt

Hi world, here are some more self portraits from my sketchbook. One of my friends told me recently that I am still searching for who I am. I am looking for my identity further.Who am I? Ever single sketch of myself is different and the woman/girl in them is not recognizable as the same person, or at least not to me. Am I who I think I am?

sketchbook drawing

sketchbook drawing


To relieve my mind of recent family issues and personal struggles, I have consulted more than one psychic. The problem: me. Who is going to figure it out: me.  Have I figured out my identity completely as an artist: yes. But is that true? I am not sure. According to my sketchbook, I am still searching for anwers to questions that I don’t want to ask.

tiny pen sketch self portrait

tiny pen sketch self portrait

Here are some tiny self portraits that I have been doing in my sketch book recently.

Tiny sketch

Tiny sketch

Finally, I have completed two paintings. One is the commission of the Osprey, and one is the “Lemon Bison” painting which is the latest in the Power Bison series. So what is the next endevor? I think I can finally start a series about swimming and happiness. At last.



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