Painting Inspired by KB

Painting Inspired by KB

I found the first painting I made that was inspired by KB’s eye-patch. I painted it while attending a painting class at ASU so it’s probably 10 years old. In a previous blog post I had metioned finding this particular piece. KB was quite taken with it when I showed it to him.  The colors are pink, red, orange, and generally warm colors. I do have the pink wig and wear it at Halloween on occasion.

KB at an art show

KB was always a big supporter of my artwork, and it wasn’t just the fact that he was my subject.  He always understood my work, which was very comforting. He knew what my paintings about without asking about it.  He was the first person who told me that I was a “prolific” painter. I didn’t know what that word meant at the time, I asked him what “prolific” meant. Maybe it meant “profound?” It means that I produce art quickly. He was right.



Hi everyone, I wanted to reiterate that taking selfies with bison is very dangerous, even deadly. These beasts are as wild as the day is long. I have seriously no idea why tourists at Yellowstone or other places want to take pictures next to them, or remotely close to them.

I have completed another bison portrait, entitled “Double Bison.” It’s an oil and acrylic painting on canvas. The canvas measures 4 feet wide by 5 feet tall. I suppose that, technically, it’s a mixed media piece because it is acrylic and oil paint together on the canvas. Yes, I built the canvas.


Art Inspired By KB

Recently, one of my very very good friends has passed away. KB, the subject of many of my paintings passed away on Thursday, June 18th or during the late night hours of June 17th. He was a guy who I never needed to explain my art to. He just kind of “got it”. He just understood. In case you might be confused about his name, KB stands or Krazy Bill.


One of my first paintings that I sold was a painting of KB. It was on display in Three Roots Coffee Shop in Tempe, AZ.  It was a similar painting to the one above with the orang-ish background, but it had a greenish background and was larger. It was 3 feet by 3 feet or 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet.


This painting directly above with the light green background was painted for a figurative art exhibition at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix. For the moment I cannot recall the name of the show, but I do think I have the images of the show somewhere.  The painting was centered above the stairway that leads to the main gallery. It was a great exhibition.


This particular piece with the blue shirt and the eye-patch was painted while I was still attending ASU. I love portraits so I am always searching for interesting subjects. I guess my friendship with KB was the jackpot. He was never bothered that I was painting him. His eye-patch inspired another another painting of mine, that was a self-portrait with a pink wig and an eye patch. When I get this painting out of my studio, I will post it here on my blog for all to see.


Oil on Canvas portrait

Oil on Canvas portrait

Currently my artwork is on display at “All Art Arizona 2015” at Art Intersection in Gilbert. This venue is in downtown Gilbert, Arizona and has a lot of great work all of the time. My painting entitled “Summertime” is on display until July. This particular painting is a part of my swim series about the happiness that swimming brings.

Please go and visit my art if you are in the area. Summertime is spectacular in so many ways.


Force of Nature May 7th opening

Force of Nature May 7th opening

Hi Everyone! Last week I had an amazing opening night at the Shemer Art Center. So many friends came and it was amazing. I even got flowers.
The painting accepted to the Shemer is entitled “Houndstooth Bison,” it is oil on canvas and measures 64 inches by 64 inches. My husband and I had to utilize a U-Haul truck in order to transport this huge painting, but it was worth it. Obviously no other vehicle would have worked.

Houndstooth Bison and I at the Shemer Art Center

Houndstooth Bison and I at the Shemer Art Center

For anyone who is interested in purchasing any art or seeing my art all in the same place:

and here is the new Shopify Page that I have added just last night:


Swim Portrait - Seaside Poolside

Swim Portrait – Seaside Poolside

Hi all, I have completed my swim series!
However, I have really really enjoyed it and so there is a chance that i might start additional paintings of profile portraits. I will submit the swim series in a show proposal later this week. If they are accepted, then there is a chance I will make more. I will have plenty of time. Also, I now sign my artwork Rachel Srinivasan– that is in fact my real legal name.  There are no other Rachel Srinivasans. I checked.
Right now, I am on to another project. That one should not take long.
I am not mentioning that one right now because it is a secret!!!

On a more serious note, I am going to be in a show next month at the Shemer. The exhibition is entitled “Forces of Nature.” It has been curated by Amy Leon. I might have spelled her name wrong.

Houndstooth Bison

Houndstooth Bison


This is the last painting of the swim series, and I am excited and bored about it at the same time.  It could be completed, or it could not be. I suppose the artistic process cannot be hurried. But in this day and age of deadlines and crazy schedules, that is not really true. The background may change. But  that’s enough about not knowing what to do about my painting or my crazy life in general.

The point is that this specific piece of work is about my brother Mike. He was both a collegiate swimmer and a marine biologist.  He symbolizes our experience with the sea and water together in one individual. This last swim series painting is unique, but I have to figure out if it’s done yet.


Hi everyone, I have completed the first portrait of a man in my swim series. This individual is my brother Mike. Once again, this is an oil on canvas painting that measures 4 feet tall by : feet wide. Why is this my favorite size? It’s my favorite size because when I was attending art school at ASU, it was the largest size painting that I could fit in my car at the time. I grew to love this size. I still do.

Swimmer Painting

Mike the swim uncle by Rachel Goede

Hi everyone. My brother swam for the University of Maine and he is a big inspiration for my art. His current job does not involve swimming but he has a side job as a swim coach. The paintings of him are the 3rd and final part of my swim series. This is a 48 inch by 36 inch painting, oil on canvas. This is incomplete.  Hopefully  I can finish it soon.


Underpainting of Swim Series about Mike the swimmer


Man Swimmer oil painting

Guy Swimmer Painting

Thank you so much for coming to the opening Colleen, Hurricane, Denis, and Olivia! More swimming paintings are coming.

Today, I’m in Kansas City, visiting my brother and I’m not leaving until I get images of him in a swim cap.

Opening for the Ways of Water at the Herberger Theater Center

Opening for the Ways of Water at the Herberger Theater Center


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